Full Professor of Mathematics and Computing Institute - IMC from Federal University of Itajubá - UNIFEI (MG). IEEE Senior Member.
Coordinator of the VISCAP - Vision, Computer Systems and Applications Group and the Black Bee Drones first Brazilian team for DRONES international Technological competitions born in 2015. .
CNPq Researcher, with scholarship from Productivity in Technological Development and Innovative Extension DT-II (from 2005 to 2016).Technical Committee member of CNPq to RHAE projects and IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society to Soft Computing.
My interest areas: Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interface, Computer Based Training and E-learnig.
My academic formation:
  • Electrical Engineer (UNIVAP, 1985). 
  • Master in Science of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (ITA, 1992).
  • Doctor in Science of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (ITA, 1996).

Before dedicating to education, research and extension exclusively at UNIFEI, I had the chance to work in some others universities (such as Faetec (3 years), Unip (3 years), Modulo (2 years), Unicsul (6 years) etc.). During more than 18 years I worked, as professional, in some other institutions and companies such as: 1 year (foreign researcher) at Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes - LAAS and 1 year in Pós-doctorate at École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile - ENAC at Toulouse, France; 5 years (researcher doctor) at Fundação Casimiro Montenegro Filho - FCMF; 12 years (6 in refinery operation and 6 proccess automation) at Petrobras/Revap; 2 years (production control) at EMBRAER.